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Titanium Pain Relief…

8 Sep

I heard about Japanese titanium discs a few months ago from my massage therapist friend.  My friend told me that the Japanese company Phiten had made these little discs and patches that you just stick on yourself wherever you have pain.  She put a couple on my shoulders where I had been hurting for a few days and the next day I did feel better.

So my question was, how can you put titanium in a little disc and why on earth does it make pain go away?  Well, I went down to the Phiten store and they explained it to me. Basically it has to do with electrical currents in the body.  I still can’t explain it myself, but all I know is it really works.  This morning I woke up with a headache, so I put 3 of the little discs on my left shoulder where I could feel the pain coming from and now two hours later my headache is gone.

What’s even cooler is the discs aren’t expensive. I got a box with 70 discs for $10.  They recommend leaving the disc on for up to 3 days (which I tried and they stay on in the shower no problem).  So really one box lasts a long time.

I just wanted to share this with you because when I find something that helps me not hurt I want to share it.  If you have a Phiten store near you, they will give you free samples to try out and see if it works for you.

Here is a commercial for Phiten that I found:

This is the link to their website, they have lots of other products besides the discs, but that is what I have tried so far.




Could I be sponsored by Swiffer?

18 Jul

I have been seriously pondering how our dog Yeager is not bald considering the massive amounts of short black hair that cover our tan tile floor every single day.  Do dogs suffer from male pattern baldness?? I mean we are talking ridiculous amounts of hair. I could clean the floor twice a day and it it still looks furry within hours.  My first attempts at tackling the issue were with a broom, but sweeping is futile! It just blows the hair around and its still dirty after! The mop isn’t much better, it just makes black hair cakes! Its just no fun when you sit down to relax and all I can see is fur around me, so I had to find a solution.

I momentarily considered a bubble boy fix, however, I don’t think making Yeager run around in a clear plastic bubble would fly well with the neighbors and anyway he wouldn’t be able to see where he was going cause the whole thing would be blacked out with fur!!  Shaving him bald would also be unacceptable cause he would look like a skinny rat dog!

So what then? SWIFFER PADS!!  The commercials don’t lie man, that is one fur grabbing ingenious design!  The things are so furry from doing just a quarter of the living room that it reminds me of the movie “Forty Year Old Virgin” when he gets his chest waxed and they hold up the hairy wax strips!  I could go through a box in a few days, so if you run into someone from Swiffer please let me know cause I seriously would love to get sponsorship 🙂