Work Hard Where You’re At

23 Feb

Have you heard of or personally know anyone who straight out of college was hired into the very top position of a successful business? For example, someone who finishes their Bachelor degree in Business and gets offered a job as CEO of a fortune 500 company.  It is highly unlikely to happen, right?  Of course there could be exceptions, but the majority of us have to work our way up in whatever profession we choose to pursue.  It is much easier to think of personal examples of people who have started at the bottom and then through hard work and determination have become very successful.  This happens all the time; a famous chef who started off washing dishes in restaurants or a successful contractor who started off hauling the heavy lumber around for the skilled crew on a job site.

So why is it this way?

Because without experience and knowledge, we are not able to get a job done.

Would you put your child on a bicycle for the first time and just give it a push. Of course not! First, kids start off with tricycles and training wheels before they move on to the big kid bikes.

This is how it works with God too.  He gives us small tasks to perform faithfully and as we grow in our faith and gain experience in doing God’s work, more tasks and maybe greater tasks will present themselves before us.

In Zechariah 4:10 it is written, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

The Lord is rejoicing over the small acts of faith in our lives!  Just imagine the joy that you can bring him by faithfully and joyfully carrying out the tasks He has set aside specifically for you.  We each have things that only we can do for the Kingdom of Heaven; people that can only be reached through our acts of obedience to God’s calling.

We have to remember to “not despise these small beginnings.”  I know how easy it is to imagine huge feats and amazing things being done. And God could well have in mind that we will perform huge feats and amazing things for Him, but we must take joy in the small things.  Imagine the joy in God’s heart that you bring him as you carry out your small tasks.  For me, the thought of making God rejoice because of my actions, thoughts, and faith is beyond words!

What about you, have you thought of the joy that you bring the Lord today?

God bless small beginnings 🙂


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