Garden Raid!

23 Sep

Last week Emmanuel and I cleaned up the garden beds and replanted our garden with okra, collard greens, spring lettuce mix, parsley, and tomatoes.  I have been watering the garden every day and the okra and collard greens have been coming up really well.  The others don’t seem to be doing too well though.

Well, this morning I went out to water the garden before leaving for work and the first thing I saw was that the okra had been knocked over!  My first thought was, “The dog! He must have chased after a ball and jumped into the garden.” But when I looked closer two of the little plants had completely disappeared except for a piece of one leave and the third plant was knocked over with its stem halfway gone.  This seemed odd if it was the dog, so I went and looked at the other beds.  The next thing I saw was that the collard greens had been drastically reduced in numbers and that is when I spotted them….slugs!! The little slimy buggers were all just hangin out in the corner of the garden after having their fill of our baby vegetables!

I’m not gonna lie, I got angry at the slugs.  The last time that we had a big eggplant, slugs had started eating our big beautiful eggplants and it brought back my previous hard feelings towards slugs.  I was totally annoyed that I was gonna have to replant and figure out how to keep them from eating more and wait another couple weeks for my veggies to be ready.

But, they were just doing what slugs do.

I did, however, go get the slug pellets and make a border of pellets around each garden bed. Then I got a little shovel and scooped every slug (about 10) out of the garden and into the pellets.  So next time they will eat the pellets and not the plants.  This does mean that their little lives are going to come to an end. But I don’t know how to keep them out without putting some kind of trap for them.

So this afternoon, I will be replanting the garden.  Hopefully they grow well and we get our homegrown veggies soon!

Anybody know of other ways to keep pests out of the garden?



One Response to “Garden Raid!”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel September 23, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    I am not an expert, but you probably did what needed to be done. Too bad they got your okra. Blessings to you…

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