Mosque at Ground Zero?!

6 Aug

It is all over the news that the plan to build a mosque at Ground Zero is going forward. I just can’t even comprehend what on earth the people pushing this forward are thinking.  They claim that our country is built on religious pluralism and I won’t argue with that. The point is that the people who carried out the attack that killed 3000+ people on September 11, 2001 were Muslim religious extremists who set out to destroy lives in the name of their religion.  Do they honestly think that in the eyes of the extremist Muslim world this is going to show them that we respect them so they are gonna appreciate that?! Yeah right! They are gonna be laughing at us and how crazy it is that we would put a place of worship to their god where they attacked us.  They would NEVER build a shrine, temple, church for a religion that murdered their people in the site where it was committed.

This is just a slap in the face for all of the families that will always mourn the loss of their innocent loved ones who did nothing but go to work one morning and were slaughtered.  I don’t think it matters what religion is involved it is just completely disrespectful to the slain individuals and all of their relatives to build a shrine to the religion that the attackers celebrate as the inspiration for their murderous behavior.

Trying to be politically correct is going way to far with this one, it is just plain madness!

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Mosque at Ground Zero?!”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel August 6, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    It rubs me the wrong way, as well.

  2. Chris August 7, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    I totally agree!! I think the Mayor of New York and the council, that agreed to grant them their permit, is way out of touch with our own people and cant see that they are being made fools of by the Muslim community.
    Correction, WE the Americans are being made fools of and they, the extremist, will take advantage of us being “polite and respectful” of others at every chance they get! Its so common sense to me. Sometimes we got to stand strong and hell with being politically correct!


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