Somebody’s sick, but who?!

27 Jul

In the past couple of days I have noticed splattered tiny red droplets on the floor.  I spotted the first one on Sunday afternoon by the front door and when I bent down for closer inspection it really looked like blood, but I figured maybe it was nothing.  Yesterday, however, I noticed another foot long splattering of these little red droplets and I knew something was up.  One of the animals must be coughing or sneezing up blood from the look of the marks on the floor, but I haven’t seen any of them coughing and they don’t seem sick.

I thought that maybe it was just that they ate something sharp since animals often eat random things (and its not odd to find nasty cat puke with all kinds of creatures in it).  However, this morning I awoke to confirmation that there is something wrong with one of our pets.  There was a new splattering of blood on the living room floor but this one was about two feet long with tons of little blood droplets.

What makes it even worse is that I still have no idea whether it is one of the three cats or the dog!  I feel like I can narrow it down to either the Siamese cat, Vivi, or the dog, Yeager, because they are the only two that are allowed in the house. Tricky thing is though that there is a dog/cat door that they use and while I have never seen the other two cats anywhere near it or use it, who knows if they have figured it out and are coming in at night!

One of our cats, Pretinha, (Portuguese for “little black girl”) showed up at our door about a year ago and was obviously a stray, with a couple of dreadlocks and a crazy hissing streak.  I felt bad for her and so I started feeding her and she has now become a super friendly pet.  I am wondering if she has feline leukemia or aids and passed it to the other cats, because my mom said that she saw Pretinha coughing outside the other day.

On the drive to work I was debating what to do, since taking them all to the vet would be super expensive, I was thinking about waiting a couple days and trying to figure out who is the sick one.  I know that as pets we are responsible for their care and some people are gonna say that I should take them all in right now.  But I feel like  a couple of days of investigating should be ok since they don’t seem sick, but if anything major happens I will go right away.  So, as my mind was going over the possibilities I thought about how if they have feline aids or leukemia then we will have to put them down cause it is super contagious to other cats and has no cure.

As I was still thinking about this I opened the bible at random and my eyes fell onto 1 Samuel 20:32 “But why should he be put to death?” Jonathon asked his father. “What has he done?”   This made me feel totally convicted and reconsider my thoughts of euthanasia for the cats.  Hence, I prayed for Yeager, Vivi, Pretinha, and Wizard as Psalm 36:6 states, “You care for people and animals alike, O Lord.”  If you feel so called please send out prayers for my animal companions too.  I will give an update on the mystery sickness. I am hoping for a full recovery and a long life for my four-legged friends.



2 Responses to “Somebody’s sick, but who?!”

  1. Audra August 3, 2010 at 2:50 pm #


    I haven’t seen any updates on the mysterious illness. Are all the cats and dog ok now?
    Did you find out who was coughing up blood?

    • lovemeanyway August 3, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

      I will post an update tomorrow. Thankfully they are all ok! Turns out it wasn’t coughing after all, the dog has a cut on his ear that he keeps scratching at and reopening it and every time he scratches it splatters blood! So glad that it was just a cut and nothing big 🙂

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