Zuuuuumba with Grandma!

23 Jul

If you haven’t heard about Zumba yet, it is the latest workout fad that centers around Latin dance with an interspersing of African and Belly dancing.  It is my kind of workout because it is more like going to a dance party than going to an exercise class. For me working out needs to be a mind-clearing, stress-relieving, enjoyable experience or I will find excuses to avoid it at all costs!

This morning in Zumba Gold class the majority of the class was over 40 and there were quite a few silver haired grandmas rocking out to the Latin beats!  I had so much fun in class with this diverse group of women all moving their bodies to the beat the best they could.  Our instructor Yumi has absolutely no problem getting grandmas to roll their hips like sexy mamas and shimmy across the room! I seriously can’t stop smiling while I’m there, unless of course I am concentrating on trying to get my hips to circle counterclockwise while also doing arm moves at a different pace…talk about mind warping!  But really, how can you not love Grandmas that can shake it like Shakira!   God gave us these wonderful bodies and there is just something about shaking mine that fills my heart with joy 🙂

Above is a video of Shakira dancing to Waka Waka and below is a video of a Zumba class doing the Waka Waka… come on now, how can you not smile??


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